Align Printing on Backside

Hello Glowforge Community,
I was wondering if any of you found a way to make sure that your print is aligned on the backside of a print in case you want to engrave a logo on the back. I always just eyeball it and do it one at a time, but I haven’t found a way to make it consistent each time. My Glowforge scan always jumps around after I open the lid so I can’t guarantee that what I’m printing will be exactly where I want it to be. Do you have any tips? Thank you and much appreciated!!!

The best way is with a jig - there’s been a lot of methods to make one discussed. Don’t worry, they’re all pretty easy :slight_smile:
Just use the search box - magnifying glass icon at the top right.


Here’s the way I do it in outside design software…it does create a jig of sorts, as @ekla mentioned:


OOoooo Thanks @ekla and @Jules. I’ll look into these. I want to use as much of the wood as possible so I try squeezing things into my leftover scrap wood, but the alignment goes off by a couple of millimeters sometimes. Either that or the camera gets distorted at the edges so it’s hard to see if it’s aligned. This also happens on the backside of some of my prints too. But I will look at these articles for sure.

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Wow @Jules this is super indepth. Thanks!!!

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It’s totally possible, you’ll find a method that works for you.
The one trick about any jigs is that, once the jig is set up properly, IGNORE what the camera is telling you. Trust your jig.


That’s such a useful tip! Thank you!!!