Alignment Concern

So excited about the arrival here in Australia of my Glowforge Pro after four years of waiting.

Cut the measuring guide, seemed a bit off the top left where I positioned it, but hey I’m new to this so I ran the calibration which looked o.k.

Then I tried the alignment and am a bit concerned.

Scored a lot lower (-y axis) than where it was positioned - by more than twice the diameter of the target!
Ran it again positioned about the target width below the first score, same result.
Have submitted a report but am worrying here in the meantime.
Thoughts anyone?


Hey there! I’m not able to help, but my alignment is also off vertically by quite a lot! I also submitted a ticket and am waiting a reply. Misery loves company, eh? Best of luck to us both!!

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O.K. so while I’m sitting here fretting I spent some more time staring at the machine and remembered the setup stage about pushing the Laser Arm all the way to the “Top” (+Y axis). Which I did then, but looking at it now in it’s resting position it seemed a bit far down (-Y axis) so I manually reset it and ran a third test.
This time I first marked the point where I planned to drop the target…3/. to measure afterwards but this proved unnecessary as it couldn’t be closer if I wanted it to. Yay!
Now I’m just wondering why it wouldn’t recognise the Proofgrade Draftboard this time…


So glad the alignment is ok. Sometimes the sticker on the Proofgrade is too close to the edge and the camera doesn’t read it. You can spin the material around and see if it is recognized in another position (the camera does not need the Proofgrade sticker to be in the bottom right corner). At any rate, you can always select the material from the drop down menu and carry on.

So glad you are finally forging in Australia!


I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.