Alignment from svg file - is there a relationship with the maximum bed size?

I use a plywood template to regularly engrave an Inkscape svg file design onto artwork. All I have to do is drag the artwork design so that the cross hairs on a non printable part of the svg file align with cross hairs already cut onto the jig.
But I thought I’d read somewhere ‘that if the page size of the svg file matches the maximum bed size of the glowforge then it will auto align’. Is this right / any references?
I’m considering moving the inkscape elements incrementally to try and get the alignment by trial and error but was hoping for a better way

I have moved your post because it really isn’t a problem that Glowforge support will address.
Your current way of aligning artwork seems pretty foolproof. It is true that designing in Inkscape on a 12x20 artboard results in a file that is not resized in the Glowforge interface and with the artwork aligned to the 12/20 board. However, if your material is not placed exactly the same way in the bed you will still get variations in alignment. Materials are not always cut perfectly, masking sometimes hangs over an edge and it is possible to place material on the bed imprecisely. Your current workflow using a jig seems better.

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Search for “absolute positioning” and you can find some interesting discussions, e.g. Setting up repeatable jigs with painter's tape

Depending on the level of precision you need, you may find something the shirts you. As @dklgood says, jigs are great. Easy and super precise. If your tray has any wiggle, you can always add boots.

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Thanks for 12x20 nudge - I think I found the link I was thinking of
So I set the page size as 12x20 and nudged the elements in Inkscape and imported multiple times into the GF until the alignment marks on the jig and the svg file coincided. Now I don’t have to align anymore since it is set in the template


I’m glad you resolved it! Thank you @dklgood for your advice. I’m going to close this thread. If you run into any other trouble, please start a new topic, or email us at We’re here to help!