Alignment is way off

So, I’ve done all the trouble shooting things that were previously suggested and my glow forge alignment is still over an inch off. Is there something else I can try?? Mind you, my glow forge is less than a month old.


The 1st thing that the GF support folks will want to see is a photo of the Ruler cut on PG material.


how level is the forge? what material is it sitting on? did you cut the “gift of perfect measure” pattern and take before and after screenshots? Add them to this thread when you do so support can see them - along with exact date / time / timezone so they can check your machine data.


That’s a pain. I wonder what the manufacturing and calibration issues that have been contributing to this type of alignment error. I know what is possible in terms of accuracy and having a machine that is 1/4" off isn’t pleasant, but when it’s this far off, it’s so hard to use. They replaced mine and the new one is better, not as good as my first production unit, but within specs.. Jury is still out.

I use this file to demonstrate accuracy, but putting the gift of good measure in the corners will do the same.



Ok I have no idea what the gift of perfect measure is and where to find it?? Please explain?

It should be 'way down at the bottom of your project files in the GFUI – you’ll probably have to click the “show more” button a bunch of times.

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Got it doing it now .

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I just dont get it machine was working fine a day ago and today I get all these problems, out of alignment, sometimes says machine is offline while it’s on and preview screen not showing progression of cut as it goes along. This is so fustrating!!! I cleaned all the lenses put head back on properly and still not performing properly.

To make things faster once support gets here, you should make a detailed list of the things you have tried (making sure material is flat, correct material and material height entered, clean lenses, etc., except with the specific steps you’ve taken for each).

Then print the Gift of Good Measure on PG medium draftboard in a couple of places, maybe upper left corner, center, and far right side. Before opening the lid after each cut, take a screenshot of the full GFUI screen, including the material selection in the upper left corner, the rulers, and the cut items, so they can see exactly how far off the cuts are from the preview image.

That will eliminate some of the back and forth messaging, since they will need to verify in detail what you’ve tried and what your results are looking like. :slight_smile:


Thanks for letting us know about this. I’m sorry your prints aren’t turning out as you expect.

I see you already emailed us about this and we’re working on it there, so I’m going to close this topic.