Alignment jumped on an engrave during an engrave

Was printing a logo I made on a chipboard, Found the right setting, made a few copies and all was well, Then while it was making the third copy it had this weird glitch where it shifted the image over and it looks like the engrave is off as well, Does anyone know what happened? All three I used a jig to place the media in the same spot and hat everything taped, I did not change settings, I set it to print on cloud and then went and pushed the start button on glowforge and did not go back and mess with the cloud, Did not log in on another device. Just the same run procedure as the other. Pictures attached. Does anyone have any ideas?

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The only time I have had errors like this were when there was some physical obstruction to the head movement, like something sticking up to get the air scoop stuck on, a bit of something on a rail, shift of material or sometimes with a job in the lower right corner.

Could be a glitch in the matrix, for sure. Some folks can figure out the logs, but I haven’t tried yet. Is it repeatable? Is it the only time? Is it random.

Definitely weird if a glitch.

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I checked the rails, the head and lens - All OK, Nothing else to get in the way. Have done 2 since then the exact same way and they are perfect.
the material is .4" and it is taped down.
I can not figure it out.

Also the job was slightly on the right of center but not in a corner

Small earthquake? Power brownout? Sunspots? :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

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I thought the head was supposed to stop when it hit an obstruction. I’ve hit my magnets a few times, and it just keeps going.

Like many of the advertised features is doesn’t do that yet even though there was a video where Dan showed it doing it more than a year ago.

Of the 50 plus sensors it boast only the interlocks and the coolant temperature seem to do anything other than create hidden log entries.

Haha I am in California so earthquakes are a daily occurrence but usually don’t feel them and I did not feel one big enough to get my attention and I think if it made that big of a skip I would have felt it.

When we lived in Japan I had little motion-activated mechanical songbirds around the house that would start singing when there was a rumble. I got so used to the earthquakes that I wouldn’t even notice them until all the birds started singing.

I’m sorry your print didn’t come out as expected.

I extracted the logs to investigate the problem you reported, and looking at the bed image before the print started, the blue tape might have been sticking up slightly, and either caught on the head, or been blown by the fan behind the print head.

I’m going to close this thread - if the problem reoccurs, go ahead and post a new topic including the the date and time and we’ll gladly investigate.