Alignment not working correctly

Not cutting where the computer shows I have it set up to cut. Always use set focus before I cut anything. But when it actually starts cutting it is not where I have it set to cut. Have wasted 2 pieces of acrylic

Do you use set focus before you place your artwork?


Please share a screenshot that shows what you are cutting, where you placed the artwork and where the cut actually occurred. It is so frustrating and expensive to waste material, and we can help you. We just need a bit more information.


I’m having a similar issue, however I’m starting to believe this is a design flaw and not an issue with settings. The only cuts that print exactly where the app shows are within a certain area directly under and not too many inches away from the wide-angle camera. This would be ok if it took input from other cameras to triangulate exact positioning across the entire bed area, but cuts nearer the edge are nearly impossible to line up.

And yes, I ensure that my bed is clean and the material is flat across the entire surface, and I use Set Focus. What am I missing here?

Sadly this also applies to a passthrough job I’ve attempted several times but did not line up with where I set it in the app.

The lid camera has a fisheye lens, and yes it is most accurate when it focuses directly underneath itself. The software, however, adjusts for the fisheye lens so that when you use the set focus tool in the lower right corner it adjusts the view and aligns for that area. You can use the set focus tool multiple times and in multiple places as you move your design into position. After running the lid camera calibration one time, I am able to rely almost completely on the camera for the placement of my design. In addition, you can rely on the placement tool and coordinates for alignment.


You might want to start a post of your own.
I can place cuts on the very edge within paper thin margins of the edge using Set Focus…sounds like you might not know how to take advantage of it!


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