Alignment problems then found an extra piece. YIKES!

My machine was printing approximately 3" away from where I was placing it and overlapping things not overlapped in the file. So I decided to do a deep cleaning and took out the tray and took out the lens box (is that called the head?). This is not the first time that I needed to do this. I sat my tray down and went back to clean and found an extra piece. Any clue what this is and what I should do?


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That looks like one of your pulley wheels. Pulley Wheel – Glowforge Shop


Your machine has 3 belts that move the laser arm and print head around – two that run front to back on each side, and one that runs horizontally beneath the laser tube to move the print head side to side.

Each of these belts goes around a motor at one end, and a wheel that spins freely on the other end. You’re holding one of those wheels, or “pulley wheels” since they can also be moved (with a hex wrench) to adjust the tension on the belt.

It looks like that one slid off the metal post it goes around somehow. You should be able to find it. If the plastic isn’t cracked, you might be able to slide it back on. If it fell off because the plastic cracked, you can order another from the spare parts store linked above, or on Etsy.


Sorry this was a misdirect.

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Top pic shows it is broken.

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That wheel is broken and needs to be replaced.

The machine does not require a “deep clean”. It does require the windows, lenses, camera, rails and belts clean. Many people have damaged their machines doing a “deep clean”.


Thanks for the info. So what else would cause the machine to print 3" away from where I placed the file. I thought it was because the machine had gotten so dirty. I had done the standard, window, lenses, camera, rails and belt clean.

Printing 3" away from placement would indicate that the printhead was moved with the machine turned on.

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If the machine was printing with that missing pulley wheel, it is quite possible the belt was skipping as the head moved quickly to the design, or between design elements.

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