Alignment shifted?

I’m curious if it’s just me or did this recently happen to other people?

I laser lots of little things, so I’ve become very accustomed to getting the perfect alignment via the camera. I put things in the middle and then, after aligning with the board, I shift everything up 1 and right 1. That’s how much the camera alignment has been off for years.

Two days ago, the alignment changed. Now it’s up 1 and right 4.

Did anyone else notice their camera’s alignment shifted recently? Or is it just me?

Update: Just started lasering today. Today, it’s up 1 right 2.

I believe that every machine is different. Up 1 and right 1 is not my experience. After completing the lid camera alignment a very long time ago, I have never done anything but visual alignment which for my machine is pretty spot on. When I need perfection, I use a jig. As far as I can tell, nothing has changed.


Yes, I’ve had the same thing happen. Started a couple of days ago for me, too. This is exactly why I decided to log on today and see if anyone else had the problem.


No change here. I just engraved an anodized dog tag. My alignment has drifted to around 3/8" over the years but has not changed recently. Not enough to justify running the calibration process, I just use locating marks on my designs.

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