Alignment Tips?

I feel like all my problems happen on Fridays when I can’t get support. I had to get a refurbished machine due to the yellow light of doom. I received the new machine today and it is waaaay out of alignment. I’ve troubleshot and done the recalibration but it’s still really off.

When you performed the lid camera calibration did you get any error messages? Can you share a photo of what you are seeing in the way of alignment issues? Is the machine cutting and engraving ok?


It’s cutting and engraving great, just super offset from where I put the image on the bed. It also looks almost like a fisheye image on the top

The lid camera has a fish eye lens and will be most accurate directly under the lens.

The photo you shared doesn’t show the actual engrave relative to the placement.

The highlighted portion is the portion that was cut on the bottom, I stopped it right then :pray:t2:

I am sorry, but I just can’t understand the placement relative to the actual cut. Are you using the set focus tool before placing your artwork? Have you accidentally moved the printhead when the machine was turned on?

I am using focus each time, I haven’t moved the print head at all and made sure my surface is perfectly level . Since I just opened it my guess is something moved during shipping.

I guess the good news is that it is cutting and engraving. If something happened in shipping it would probably have thrown the focus off and it wouldn’t cut properly. Can you use the placement tool to better determine where the machine is going to print so that you can cut down on waste?

Turn off the GF and move the print head all the way to the upper left corner then restart and try again.

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That helped a lot! It’s still off, but way closer!!!

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Cut a piece of poster board (much cheaper than Proof Grade material) down to fit the tray and re-run your calibration as the last calibration was done with the printhead out of alignment.

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Never thought of this!!! I’ll try it and let you know!!!

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I do most tests and prototyping with poster board or really heavy card stock. I hope it does the trick and am looking forward to hearing back.

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