Alignment with pro pass through

Hi I’m doing the pro pass through, it’s just a simple “J”. The bottom cut perfect with Auto height. From then it did not auto adjust, so I tried manually. Then I got the error that the height was not measured correctly. So I manually put in the height (I measured with calipers), and I still get the same error. This has happened to me before and I am wasting wood because I can’t figure out a way around it. :slightly_frowning_face:

I use the pass through all the time and I’m not at all sure I understand the question.
What’s this about hight?
Pass through works with flat, light color (or light color masking) material.


The passthrough has a hard time aligning right-aligned designs — the camera doesn’t cover that area as well as the left/center. A “J” hugs the right edge depending on your scale. Try inverting the design and starting again? The vertical part of the J will be left-aligned.

I’d also scale it to sit about an inch in from the extreme left edge and about 1.5-2” from the right edge to be sure.


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Before they had the passthrough I had worked out a system I still prefer. I do align the material on the right rail. That sets the x value of the material and making sure it is hard on the rail fixes the rotation of the material. Then in Inkscape, I decide where the break needs to be. The downside is that you have to break big pieces, but the upside is that you can have several overlap points to cause the fewest issues.

If I have something over 10.5 inches high I look for a place where those lines are vertical and break them there. If a part of the design is less than 10inches tall I can set the break line just above or below it. Thus you might have several different breakpoints, but if the total from top to bottom is less than 10.5 inches per set, you can cut very cleanly. This is particularly true if you can keep each engraving inside its set. The passthrough gadget will take the biggest slice possible but I rarely find it necessary.

Once ready to cut with the material at hard right you can make the first cut without the passthrough gadget, and then move the material. Run the Set Focus and then move the design up or down with only the up / down arrow keys thus keeping the x value exactly correct and if you are as much as a millimeter off nobody will notice.

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