Alignment woes :-(

There’s usually other private information on the screen caps that I prefer to clip out

That’s why you use ALT+PRTSCR. This only captures the window that has focus, nothing else on the desktop.

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on a mac, they include the Grab application in the Utilities folder in the Applications folder. It gives you three options to go with: full screen, application, or drag select.

You can also use the cmd+alt+F4 shortcut for drag select. I do miss that about my mac.

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drag-select on a mac is Shift-Command-4
(and pressing the ESC button cancels it out)

shift-command-3 takes a shot of the entire desktop
(or two separate shots if you are running dual screens)


I’m also having bad alignment issues lately. Did everything posted above and still out of wack. You can see that on the left bottom corner, the laser hit the magnet and reflected away. I really thought it might have damaged the lens, but not sure. I stopped it when I realized how badly off it was. There is no way to do flipping registration when it’s this bad. Any help? Image below. Date Created: 4/13/18 time…around 4pm pst.

You’ll want to start a new thread if you want to open a Support ticket for your alignment. They’ll typically only address one per thread since each is considered a trouble ticket on their end and it’s tracked as a trouble ticket for the original poster.

Fwiw, it’s hard to tell on the phone, but it looks like you are around 1/8”? Right now, the current spec calls for 1/4” or better.

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how is it possible to flip registration if it’s off this far…and this is pretty much under the camera? ok I’ll send them a support email.

You already have it set up for the most part to do it exactly… your material is secured.

Leave it secured.

Use something to pull the piece out of the hole (sometimes i use an exacto, sometimes I just use a piece of tape to stick to it, some use dental picks, etc)

Flip the piece over and put back in the hole.


The hole is your registration. Just don’t move the hole.

The disconnect is between the camera and the precise location on the bed - not the precision between design elements in the file or in the overlay. If you have design elements (not material, but design elements) aligned in the file, they will print aligned just fine. If you align things in the UI using the overlay, they’ll still be aligned how the overlay says they will be, it’s just the overall location may have error — the pieces will still cut aligned properly.

If I laid out 2 boxes with a .25" gap between the two of them, even if the camera was off 5", they would still print with a .25" gap between them.

Does that make sense?


I think so…I guess I have to map out the bed and not rely on the camera at all for alignment. Kinda makes placing things previously cut useless to a point. Hope it works itself out.

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@Kevin.Baun I’m going to go ahead ad close this – if you have further questions, please let us know!

@meir, I see you’ve emailed us separately. Thank you!