All Acrylic SOLD OUT

This is probably correct and has run though my mind as well. People who are thinking about buying a new GF shouldn’t be told there are supplies readily on hand, either. They don’t really let you look at the supply shop until you purchase a glowforge…at least that’s how it was when I bought mine 3 years ago. It may have changed by now. I appreciate you sharing where you get yours from though. I will check them out. Thank you!

All acrylic smells horrible. Cast acrylic is ~better~ than extruded, but it still smells horrible. No difference between :proofgrade: and any other supplier on that. Cast turns white when you engrave it, extruded stays clear. That’s why the majority of folks want Cast, and why all :proofgrade: is Cast.


Acrylic is basically acrylic wherever you get it, but that doesn’t mean Proofgrade is just off the shelf cut down to size. At the very least they put on different masking and the QR code stickers.

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I know how folks are feeling about the lack of Proofgrade materials. I had my Forge for nearly two years but couldn’t set it up for personal reasons. I finally am able to use it (and spend that $100 shop credit I got for waiting so long through the pre-order delays) and there’s never anything to buy. It’s frustrating, but I guess it is what it is.

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