All my wallet patterns are slightly off or skewed when printed

I’ve cleaned all the lens and recalibrated the camera. Not sure what else to do…Has anyone else had this problem?

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I have not had the problem you describe, and I am not sure what you mean by “slightly off” or “skewed”. Do you mean larger than expected, smaller than expected or not aligned straight? Can you share a screenshot or photo of your issue?

Not aligned straight. I made stitching holes for my patterns and none of them are lining up now. Same patterns I used last week and they worked perfect.

Not sure if you can see but the right vertical side is not straight.

Same thing here. The top line is not straight

If the belt tension is incorrect you can get distorted printing. Did you loosen the pulley wheel to clean the air assist fan before this cut?


I do all my patterns in Illustrator and I know they are perfectly straight.

That wasn’t the question. Those are typical of mechanical issues, most often belt tension.


Not that I know of. I never cleaned the air assist fan. Just wiped all the lenses.

I wrote that before the question was asked…

Would never thought about the pulley wheel. Thanks for the info.

It is possible things got changed when the artwork was moved around on the interface. If you have the premium subscription you can open a “past print” and print on cardstock or something cheap to see if it is different than today’s effort.

Cracked wheels and belt tension are the culprits most often for distortions.

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Ok thank you. I just looked at it and no cracked wheels. So maybe belt tension.

Belt tension would only change if you physically loosened something. My machine is 4+ years old and there has never been a problem with the tension because I don’t loosen the wheel when I remove the carriage plate.


Think I got it fixed. After messing around with the belt and the wheels. Found a small piece of leather or something on the wheel. Just ran a test and the pattern was straight. Not sure if that was it but seems to be working…fingers crossed. Thank you for your help.


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