All Opinions Have Been Received 12/3/16

From a less emotional POV: After a very long couple days following the most recent announcement of a delay, the Glowforge team has certainly heard from it’s customers. I have my opinions and have expressed them. Some agree, many don’t. You have yours and they have been heard. It’s weird how I personally can agree with many issues from those that are so passionate, but am completely turned off by the repeated over and over expression of those arguments. Each of you should be heard from. Go ahead and post your opinion and criticism. But maybe we need to step back and ask whether posting our opinion 4, 8, 20 times is beneficial to anyone other than our own egos. Has your position been thoroughly stated? Not saying, agreed to, I am asking has it been stated? If so, mission accomplished. (No need to further explain below, I’ve read every single post on this forum)


And each creating their own topic like it is original or something…sheesh (please don’t flag this) :slight_smile: - Rich


You mean we shouldn’t ask again for that Ethernet port? :imp: (just kidding)

At some point it’s time to draw a line and make the deceaion if what we dislike matters enough to cancel or not, but continuing to harp on the same thing on and on does get old.

I have to yell enough at our design guys, no need to keep doing that here


I think some people don’t feel heard until they’re acknowledged (either by staff or by forum members in general), and some people don’t feel heard until they’re agreed with (maybe because if x isn’t agreeing with you, you feel like you aren’t being understood?). And then some people just like to argue, while others want to do something about the problem, and discussing is the only thing they can really do.

We are a lot of really different personalities. As long as we aren’t mean to eachother, it’s okay if we don’t get along or see eye to eye.




Frig. Been doing it wrong all along.


Splendid Post rpegg :thumbsup:


Not, I don’t think it is. :roll_eyes:

“Until all of glowforge changes to precisely match my individual opinion I do not consider my opinion to be properly and completely stated and will continue to repeat it” - The Internet


I thought I had. But I’m 13,000 posts shy of your count. I can’t find them though. It’s a bit frustrating as I want to know what’s in those :slight_smile: I’m chalking it up to Discourse not being able to keep track at the speed of my reading :smile:

Still, 13,000 more?

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Currently at ~64,800 post read. Not an expert at all of the Discourse settings. I know that their are different setting in the preferences screen to let you know when topics/posts are new or unread but not sure how well that works with old posts.

I’m guessing you are 98% up to speed. Most good info is recent. Unfortunately, most bad info is recent.

And you are the inspiration of why I am tracking down all the posts I missed at the beginning of the month. I know there is a search function but you are more efficient at it.