All past designs are gone

All previous prints from the last year are missing. I have the default pendant blank and hex coasters, but I have none of the other dozens of prints that I use.

  • Waited two weeks
  • Tried different browsers
  • Cleared cache

New designs I create are saved, but again, I have none of the prints from before about two weeks ago.

I recently stopped my Glowforge Premium subscription in January, after having it for a year. Really hoping this isn’t a byproduct of that.

This has been a problem for about two weeks, and I emailed support over the weekend, just now getting a response that they’re backed up and they’ll get to me soon. I also see other posts alluding to the fact that they are overwhelmed with volume.

So, just sort of taking a short here to see if anyone else is having this issue or has had it and have resolved it.


Previous designs are only saved if you are a Premium subscriber. It’s layed out in their terms. I forget the specifics but I think it’s anything beyond 30 days that will be deleted if not used (printed).


oh. well. then that’s a real bummer. I spent a lot of time dialing in those prints.

if it’s in the terms, it’s in the terms. I must have missed it.

you really lose a lot without that subscription, huh?

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You can save them on your hard drive for future use. Also if. you ‘export’ the design from the GF, it saves your settings so you will know what you used.


It’s in the Learn By Doing section of the online manual.

This is the section you’re looking for:

Store, Export and Save

If you subscribe to Glowforge Premium, you have unlimited storage for as long as your subscription remains active.

Otherwise, designs you’ve opened within the last 30 days are stored. Keep the original file on your computer, or export and save it to your computer when your design is finished, so you don’t lose your work after 30 days. (Catalog designs you own are always stored in your Dashboard, and cannot be exported.)


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