All set-up, but still offline

I have my Glowforge set up (at least that’s what my confirmation screen said) but when I go to try and work on anything, the machine status is OFFLINE. I’ve tried restarting the machine, my computer, re-booting the machine and reconnecting to the WiFi, but nothing seems to be working.

Hey @travis_coyne, welcome to the forum. I’m so sorry you are having issues. Glad you posted about it.

I wonder what is going on here. There have been quite a few posts in the past couple days detailing this same type of problem. Most of the time folks seem to get connected rather easily.

Has anyone noticed a common issue? Anyone getting it solved?


I have a similar issue right now. Got a glowforge plus and it is not moving after setup and wifi connectivity being verified.

@nicholas.verrico, I’m going to tell you the same thing…if you want to have Support take a look at your machine specifically, (which they have to do for this problem I think), you need to start your own new Topic in the Problems and Support category. It opens a ticket on your machine and speeds up the process. :slightly_smiling_face:


This should be resolved for you now, can you restart your Glowforge and let me know if it still shows offline?

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Perfect! Looks like it is calibrating now. Thank you!


I’m glad to hear it!

I’m going to close this thread, if you need any other help don’t hesitate to start a new topic.