All the layers...whew!


So after a lot of hrs scratching my brain getting all 12 layer to work together and situated, think it came out pretty well. Have a few more in the works, hopefully now things will go a little faster because knowing is half the battle. First one down a million more to go…haha


Wow, that’s incredible! (The details make you want to just sit there and stare.) :grinning:


Thanks and thanks…still have some thing to work out(like not getting glue all over the front…blah😢) but overall my first attempt wasn’t that bad.


That is so nice. I especially like the colors that you used. :grinning:


An amazing work of art!


What a wonderful piece! The colors are just magical.


This is superb! I love the pastel gem tones, if there is such a thing. Such wonderful work.


very well done. i applaud your patience and creative acumen.


This is so fun! I can imagine a story book illustrated like this - it would be amazing. Or a popup book!

What program did you use to make it? I only ask, because I find it way easier to work on very layered stuff in programs that use layers. It makes it super easy for me to visually figure out how things are going to look. You can move them around and reorder them and switch elements between the layers. I sometimes even use the paint fill tool to very quickly see what’s going to be a single piece, and if I need to connect anything. Saves me a little bit of head scratching :slight_smile:


Thanks…im using illustrator. Its the computer work that
makes me scratchy! Gotta get my head around it and such! All the fun!!


This is gorgeous artwork.


Fantastic! This is the kind of stuff i really want to do art-wise. Beautiful.


Really gorgeous!


This is truly a work of art.


This is beautiful! The material looks like draftboard ( I can only say this since I just got my GF today!) :slight_smile: :slight_smile: but what media did you use for the color?


Yay congrats!! So it is draftboard, all the proofgrade wood is finished( I’m hopeful someday they get unfinished proofgrade poplar and walnut in the store @dan :wink:) but I’m using mostly watercolor, and pencils with a touch of cat hair, she always likes to add her bit of flair to my work.


I can’t stop staring - cat hair must be the special ingredient. :slight_smile: Thanks for the input, and keep making awesome stuff!