All the way to Alaska!

Sorry, Upstate NY, I had to copy you! My GF arrived yesterday and after watching the UPS delivery my husband was convinced it wouldn’t work. Since I missed the big show (end over end up the stairs) I was more optimistic. Other than missing 3 handles, the box looked good. I am SO impressed with the packaging, as the machine was set up immediately and has been printing perfectly ever since. I am hoping to start my own GF collection to share and get some northern designs up soon. This is gonna be fun.


What’s with the end-over-end treatment? I’ve read that a few times. How heavy is the box as shipped? The UPS folks can’t carry it or use a hand truck? Crazy.

I got to the office and my husband told me I was glad not to see how it was handled. Today I read a couple similar statements; must be the norm when a single UPS carrier has to deliver heavy packages that are meant for two people to carry. It’s pretty distressing, especially since up here we don’t often get much shipping options. The GF seems to have survived thanks to its great packaging, but dang!


The box label said it was over 70 lbs., but I didn’t weigh it. It’s definitely fragile enough that it should require two people. It’s a fricken laser, after all.


So glad it arrived! Have fun!

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Have fun! How exciting!!! Oh the things you can laser!

Enjoy it! Just think of the way UPS treated our Glowforges as the ultimate torture test. If they fired up and worked after that, we should be good for quite a while!

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Not that heavy, but it is large. I thought all UPS drivers had a hand truck, but if they do they don’t all use them. Mine did, but I was also waiting for him to exit his truck.

70 lbs. One fellow brought it out from the back on a hand truck. Judging from the rubbing stripes down every side, I suspect it was the first time is wasn’t dragged by one handle.