All the way to upstate NY

… with four handles intact!


Wow! It does happen! 4 handles intact – I thought that was just a thing of myth and legend! :wink:



Great to see another Glowforge in the wild. Boy, it looks like it got some serious crush on the top the way it’s dented and the side has a crease. Like someone tried to fold it. These poor things get so much abuse. Hoping the unboxing goes great.


Cosmetically pristine. I don’t see any of the fitment or blemish issues that others have had. And the power-up/network connection went flawlessly on the first try. Only thing I wish was included in the documentation was a description of the sounds it is supposed to make. Right now I am hearing fan, and what may be a coolant pump. When it was connecting to the wifi, there were some unsettling thunks that came in quick groups of three. Those stopped, but then I just heard them again and the gantry re-centered, parking the print head beneath the camera.


There is a small series of ticks that happen at the start of every calibration process…that’s not what you’re hearing?

That’s probably what it is. They definitely seem to be associated with movement of the gantry in what appears to be calibration.

One mans clunks are another mans clinks.

@wfredette was the head all the way to the left, approximately parallel to where the head camera is on the lid?

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It was originally. Then it moved to the center (right under the camera) for a while. Now it appears to be parked at the back left.

My thoughts, exactly!

Where in upstate NY are you?
And congrats!

Near Cooperstown. Half way between Binghamton and Albany. And, thanks!

Sorry - should have expounded further. When you heard the clunks, was the head all the way to the left, approximately parallel with the lid camera?

That would be the head against the left physical limit. It’s been acknowledged by Glowforge as not doing any harm but is something they are working on a fix for.

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I know where it is. I’m in Syracuse

Oh, gotcha. No it wasn’t a head crash. I heard the noises during the process of connecting to my home network, when the head was in the back right position where it was installed.

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Near my old stomping grounds. Sidney, NY

Yep. Just up I-88. I have a lot of patients from Sidney.

When I lived there, 1936 to 1948, there was no such thing as I-88.


Fantastic! Nice to see the handles all in place!

Congrats … enjoy the fun of lasering!

Mine’s coming Tuesday to Georgia. Hope all the handles make it.

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Fingers crossed for you!