All those who wander

I can’t be the only one that wanders around stores like Walmart, target, etc just to see what I can shove in the Glowforge for cheap!

I had to make a quick run to Walmart and found a 10 pack of little cheapo Ozark Trail anodized aluminum flashlights for $10.

Blue, brown, olive, black and gunmetal.

I won’t have time to play until tomorrow though, but wanted to see what other random “holiday” bundles people are gathering up for projects.


I “wander” through Amazon and other online stores. I got flashlights similar to these (bright colors, however) 18 for about $23 and batteries were included. Your 10 pack is a steal and I bet they engrave really well. I watch for cheap jars/candles with wooden lids to personalize and of course cutting boards. Now is a great time for Sharpie and colored pencil gift sets as well.


That’s a pretty good deal! I ordered a bunch of them (well, UV light flashlights) through DHGate and it wasn’t much cheaper than that at all.

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I suggest not ever going into Hobby Lobby or Joanns …


Never use the UV flashlights in the bathroom. Don’t ask why.


Oh I already do that plenty. I expect to find stuff there. Other stores are like treasure troves. Like Aldi, I’d never assume they would have things since they are a grocery store, but they have some off the wall things.


Do not look on Amazon.


Ha, Amazon is great for ideas to me, but it ruins my desire for instant gratification :rofl:

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Sadly…it feeds my desire to open packages. Usually by the time it arrives, I’ve forgotten I ordered it, and I get to be all surprised/happy when it gets here. :smile:

(I should probably mention for the eco-conscious out there, all excessive Amazon packaging is recycled for shipping parts to those who need them with the biz, thus saving us the need to ever purchase boxes. Win-win.)


I have been getting these at Harbor Freight for about 10 years or so.
They have a 2-pack for $3.00.
Very nice, handy, lights. I have one in every room.
It is not worth it to change the batteries at a buck or so a pop (even though I have a few times).

If you are planning on engraving them, that 10 for 10 is a great deal.


I use these for my laser class. We engrave “[student’s name] dead battery holder”.

Almost always get a smartass who actually keeps “[student’s name]” :smiley:


So here’s an update, since I finally had time to sit down and laser them.

I plan to pick up another pack or two and make them up with the company logo and the nicknames I have for all the guys at work.

It is also no joke when people say even with the same material, settings may not be the same. I had these in a jig and not all the colors engraved at the same settings. Even repeat colors were different.


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