Allignment + design issues

my machine suddenly began cutting (and engraving) @ 1 + inch away from where the camera is showing me it will be placed, and the further away from center …the more skewed is my design For that issue I will calibrate. However soon after this , I began getting weird placement patterns in my “menu” (left hand column) that don’t match how I’ve copied and placed my designs… is this a program problem or a machine issue? And… are these somehow related given the time everything went to …well, you know….

i was able to just “guesstimate” where the laser would focus in order to get these cuts fairly accurately…

That typically occurs when the head is bumped while material is being loaded after the machine was turned on.


ooooh…… the allignment part or the design part? … Or all of it?

I will try again tomorrow with extreme caution ( everything is already loaded and still in position) and see how it goes! thank you!

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The machine does not have any feedback on where the head is, other than when it goes thru the centering/scanning process at power on that uses the lid camera and the logo on top of the head for alignment. From there, it assumes all commanded motion will take the head where it is expected to be.

So if, after that process, the head is bumped, the machine does not know, and will just print as if everything was normal.


And in case it’s not obvious from that answer, all you need to do is turn the machine off and on and it will re-establish its home position. (If that was the problem, or if you ever suspect you might have bumped the head)

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Also after you have had the calibration make it all the way through, even when I am using PG materials, I still use Set Focus near where I am expecting to work to get it as accurate as possible.

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