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So my (brand new) Plus replacement’s warranty is ending soon, And GF doesn’t offer an extended warranty (yet, thanks for the suggestion, we will submit it) the ‘top of the line’ 3 year square trade (for electronics) up to $6000 is $500 - seems really worthwhile.

what do YOU think?

My GF that I bought from amazon was used, but because it was bought from an authorized dealer GF, Inc. gave me the full warranty on the unit, after the second month the unit developed a wifi issue, instead of repairing the unit GF, Inc. just gave me a brand new unit, with remaining warranty time left)

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Depends on your pain threshold right?

I never bothered with my basic because the cost falls in my pain threshold to replace or buy the next new thing.


fair enough, but once you get into plus/pro – <?> $167 a year for piece of mind . . .

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I personally have found square trade to be a joke. We bought a laptop that square trade keeps trying to fix over the phone and no luck and no replacement. They blame the software not the hardware. They most likely will also try to diagnose the Glowforge and not actually have Glowforge do any of it. It would be the same people who diagnose all sorts of other equipment. I don’t know for sure but I would think you would be tossing the money in the garbage.

Someone around here went through something. Possibly amazons….I don’t remember if the resolution was ever posted……

A lot of people on the Facebook group have used Assurion…that might be through Amazon?

It was @ crkjelstrom. At some point she got a replacement but skipped over the finer points. Your memory of Assurion was the proper search term.

She apparently sold the replacement and hasn’t been on since August.


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