Almost a week since my Glowforge arrived broken with no response

I emailed support about my destroyed Glowforge last Tuesday (6 days ago)and I have still not gotten a response from support. UPS responded by calling your offices and offering to upgrade and pay for my shipping of a new unit the following day and said they would be calling again today. I have yet to hear from Glowforge in an official manner. The days for me to make money on Christmas are slipping away and I had fully planned on having it by now. Who ever is able to help, please get in touch with me. A week to respond, even over Thanksgiving, is really bumming me out.


Alas, the “3 days” promise seems to no longer be viable, as more and more units get sent out and the support team probably isn’t being scaled fast enough. I find that replying to the automated email with “hey, it’s been 5 business days, what’s up?” gets a reply pretty quickly.


I have written 3 emails. lol I know it was a holiday, but even a response that they were working on it would make me feel a WEE bit better. I know the forum is kept up with, so I thought I should cover my bases. I am past stressed out over it. :frowning: The 2 year wait is one thing… but having it in my hands… albeit shattered…and no longer having it sucks worse.


Surprising, as I haven’t seen a delay of that magnitude regarding a problem.
Besides @dan, @Rita and the support staff being swamped with the issues at hand, it fell across a holiday weekend.
Pinged them both here, because I think you have exhibited what for me would be extraordinary patience. With the carrier stepping up to contribute $ I would have expected a quick resolution.


Thanks buddy. I still love the Glowforge peeps, but this is killing me. I changed my Thanksgiving plans to be home for the delivery and start up, so needless to say I was bummed out all week. I am sure the UPS driver is scared of me at this point. lol


I’m so sorry we didn’t respond to you promptly. I’ve just sent you an email with an update on your warranty replacement.

We appreciate your patience while we sort this out.

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