Almost homemade

I bought a little spoon and fork set for $3. I took it out of the box, recreated the cardboard holder-and personalized it of course…then made a box for it to fit in. Used Cermark on the utensils to personalize-they turned out great-didn’t photograph too well. Box is PG maple.


Love your corners! I notice you’ve cut little dimples into the corners and box top. Do they make for a better fit?


Very cool


It makes the giving all the sweeter!


Not really, and the box generator i used created those…i edited for the top of the box fix but the rest was how it was designed in the generator. I guess I hadn’t used that one before but i like it.

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This is such a lovely and thoughtful gift, congrats on how well it turned out! :heartpulse:

That’s so sweet!

Awe! I love the thought that went into this. Great work.

Wow! Great idea and keep sake! Nice inspiration,too!

I love this idea…it’s so sweet and thoughtful!

CERMARK is TOOOO expensive for me. I use CRC Moly Lube. If you can’t find it local auto parts stores, you can get it on AMAZON… CRC 3084 Dry Moly Lube, (Net Weight: 11 oz.) 16 oz Aerosol Can, Dark Gray: Power Tool Lubricants: Industrial & Scientific
Only $10 per can! I’m now experimenting with a Graphite lube. Since it’s carbon, should leave a nice black etching. I’ll keep y’all posted.

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What a great gift! Lovely way to keep that memory of when a little one first starts to eat real food. So sweet!

Great, anxious to see your results!

What a lovely way to personalize a gift! I love those corners too.