Almost new Glowforge Pro for sale

We bought a Pro for our small print shop to use primarily to die cut cardstock prints. It does the work, but is slow to operate as we have to manually replace sheets etc. And the edges of the stock have a burned appearance. Just not the best application for this amazing device. We have found a CNC cutter that works better and now I want to sell this. Thought I would try this community first.

Purchased in May of 2021 and Very low hours of use. Includes the optional air filter unit.

Will transfer ownership through Glowforge to you.

We are located in Portland Oregon and would prefer local or regional sale.

Price including filter $5,500

Anyone interested?

Carl Perkins
Rhino Digital Printing

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Good that you found something that works for you. Just so you know, the community had worked on cutting cardstock without the singe marks, and low power and more than one pass will eliminate that issue. All in the settings, and a particular result will almost always require testing to dial in just the right amount of power.

Good Luck!


Hi Carl, I am interested, live in Florence though and sent you a message via Facebook.


Sorry, but I don’t login to Facebook hardly ever.

Are you able to come and pick it up in Portland?

Thank you,

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