Aloha, this is my first post / first creation - pencil box

I am still learning how to use vector based software, and I am having a blast.

The box I made works pretty well on medium cherry… which reminds me I should order more!

I need to zoom in and connect a few vector dots because it doesn’t pop out as smoothly as I would like.

I tried a maple cut, but it was thick and the edges don’t fit together perfectly.

I have really enjoyed reading everyone’s stories on the board, and the glowforge has been on my wishlist since the beginning.

It doesn’t disappoint! Amazing machine!




Welcome. I look forward to seeing your projects as you continue to learn and experiment with different materials.

One more with honu. :slight_smile:


Pretty work. Looking forward to seeing your work progress if this is how you start out!

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Beautiful boxes (lamps?)—thanks for sharing the design. And welcome to the forum!

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Welcome, thank you for sharing.


Thanks for the beautiful share!

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Lovely turnout … Very kind of you to share!

That looks really nice.