Already Breaking?

Just got our Pro about 3 weeks ago. Kept real clean and don’t even feel I’ve printed much yet since I’m just exploring and experimenting with organization logos I belong to. Laser head started bouncing yesterday making the print ripped so I turned it off, removed it to cleans lens and this was off (not where picture was taken but on top where is supposed to be). Personally, I don’t know of anyone that spends 6k on a machine that takes 1 month to make and receive and expect this to occur within the first month. Now what do I do and how does this get fixed?

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Support will send the replacement parts.
That is a known issue, unfortunately it reflects poorly on the company, and their rep has suffered.
They do care about their customers, and over the years I have seen them demonstrate a high level of support.

Unfortunate that you find yourself in that position, but it will be temporary.
Welcome to the community! You will find this place a valuable asset to your laser, a lot of friendly helpful people here.


What causes them to break so easily? Is it the material used? Hopefully they will come up with a more reliable fix rather than just sending the same faulty wheels. Has this been an issue from the start or is it a new problem? So far mine have hung in there, but I almost wish I could just have a couple sent to me just to have them on hand.

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The older machines didn’t have the problem, mine is 4 years old and never an issue.


Agreed. For something that fails so frequently, it should be in the spare parts shop.

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Replacements are not available in the shop - yet, but they will get the parts to those in need.


I wonder if this is something they will continue to replace even after the warranty expires. Since it seems to be a weak point. I’m sure they’ll make it right and are hopefully working on a better fix. So far my experience with support has been a positive one.

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I have had my machine for 3+ years and my wheels have never cracked or failed. However, I sent an email to Support long ago asking to buy replacements to have on hand. They invoiced me and sent them without delay. It is not unreasonable to have as many spare parts on hand as possible if you can’t tolerate having the machine broken down.


Oh no, I’m sorry to hear about the trouble.

We’ll need some personal information from you, so we just responded to your email request. To simplify our communication, I’m going to close this post.