ALS Ice Bucket Challenge


@Auntimame - this is for you.

We’re donating $1000 for Glowforge, $100 per employee in the video, plus $10 for anyone here who makes their own video. :slight_smile:


Thats awesome!!!
We did this last year…can that count?? Lol


Need a ‘whose who’ of the line of people. :slight_smile:


Great job!

You’re getting your money’s worth out of that gimbal!


You guys and gals are awesome. Makes me so happy that I am buying a Glowforge from you .:blush:




This was me and my son last year but we may do it again.


Just in case anyone wonders if the #IceBucketChallenge really did any good… you betcha it did!


Oh hey! Geekwire just wrote this about us.


This was utterly fantastic!


“I bet you wish you’d had those buckets on the elevator, huh,” :joy: :joy: :joy:


Here’s GKG’s slightly different take on the challenge. The links at the end may not be live anymore.


Exemplary company ethics, another assurance to me that the money we have invested was well placed.
You People Rock!


We can’t thank you and your team enough for this, @dan!
We also did this challenge a couple of years ago, but it has just become far too meaningful for my liking; unfortunately, I too was just handed an ALS diagnosis two days ago. :rage:
It is thankfully rather slow progressing for me, and I was just accepted into a stage 3 clinical trial for a new drug that might slow it down even more, so I am very hopeful that this kind of generosity will help them find a cure before my time runs out - and that I will be able to enjoy many years of happy Glowforging!
On a lighter note, we received the safety glasses to go with our pro+filter today, so you can ship us our new toy any time!


Sorry to hear about your diagnosis. We’re here if you need anything!


It seemed very wrong to hit the like button on your post. You have an undeniably upbeat attitude about your diagnosis and I truly believe that is huge when it comes to beating such a dire prognosis. They have been making progress with ALS, so my hope for you is that it will come to your aid. Wishing you all the best. :disappointed: :bouquet:


So sorry to hear that. Our hopes ride with you.


My uncle did his part to further ALS research. He donated his body to the UConn School of Medicine when he passed away of ALS a few years ago. This is an issue that is important to my family.


Mine as well. My Wife’s Mother bore it with strength I had never witnessed.
The diagnosis brought with it a clarity of perception that one cannot experience otherwise.
In the face of her fate, she danced for the reaper – and put him in his place.

I hope to exude that kind of grace.


Oh no. I’m so sorry to hear of the news.

Best wishes from all of us for a successful course of treatment, and our hearts go out to you and everyone here affected by this terrible disease.