Also having issues cutting on right side of bed

I was having problems getting clean cuts through Med PG Walnut plywood using PG settings (even after running cuts 2x) so tried GOGM on draftboard. Scores and engraves look fine, however not even a mark on the reverse side of board for the cuts.
I’ve cleaned lens and all windows, boards were pinned flat, no debris on/under crumb tray.

Post the time you attempted the GoGM and pictures of the front and back, and also pictures of the lenses and mirror. Hopefully it’s something easy, but that info will allow a staff member to review the logs on the back end once they see your message on Monday!

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First attempt was 3:15 pm EST on 11/13, 2nd attempt at 3:40 pm EST same day.
Photos to come …

Is the material dead flat on that side. Sometimes the material box and affects the cut. However, there have been some other folks who have had issues with lower right.

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GOGM front
GOGM back
Side window

The piece was pretty flat but I’d made sure to use honeycomb pins and magnets (only 2) to make sure it was laying as flat as possible.


Update: I’m officially an idiot. Lens was in upside down :roll_eyes: - all is well now.
Thread can be closed.

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