Also shipping in Dec. 2016

If you like crowdfunding you’re going to love this! :laughing:


My arms are hairy, not quite as hairy as Robin Williams’s arms, but enough. If I were able to ever make use of this thing it would look really weird. I would have to shave a whole patch of hair off to use it! Hahaha


Have you pre-ordered it @jdodds? I’m kinda skeptical about it. Haha.


Looks very cool. Unfortunately, although it says it works on any skin colour, I dont think it would work on me. My skin is just too colourful.


Not a chance.

A couple of things stand out from my simple look at life. First, why does the finger not create any kind of shadow in the projected light when it touches the image? Second. How do you project “black” as it is just the absence of light is it not.

I think I’d just wait and go full retail price on this one if it were something up my alley. :wink:


All the footage they’ve shown is just special effects. I haven’t seen any other actual real world video.

That’s a good point about projecting black. How does that work? It clearly can be done because, well, cinema, but how?

Thinking about it is starting to make my head hurt. I so know i’m going to be thinking about it in bed tonight.

Look at these backing descriptions! “When” it comes out. Yeaaaah

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Kinda noticed that as well.


Mine too.


From the first day of preorder for the Glowforge I estimated best case 1st deliveries in April and planned for as late as August. (The recent slip to Dec was not shocking but still a surprise.) While a successful Cicret is technologically feasible, the complexity of the development, user interface, integration and production has two years written all over it. The published timeline seems unimaginable to me for a small company. But still, I wish them well. Looks cool.

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“Black” can’t be projected but we can perceive the lack of illumination in contrast to the rest of the scene as black, or more accurately a dark shade. .

That’s one of the things on TVs - trying to make the truest blacks they can. Plasma sets excelled with their display of blacks. OLED did also, but I think only LG is producing OLED now, so not many of them out there.

I know, but a cinema screen is white…ish. how does that work?

Well. The room you are watching the cinema is dark. So they just block the light in those sections.


It is our brain playing tricks on us. There are several similar optical illusions.

The Cornsweet Illusion

Mach bands

Simultaneous Contrast


Currently accepting “Donations” for this!

Anyone interested?


OK, so we still have “why no shadow” at a finger press. Also. How do you generate/control the almost zero angle of projection to generate a perfect aspect on the arm?

Half price for a limited time!! :no_mouth:

Yeah… Also highly skeptical of this. And also hairy armed enough that I have at best a 1 inch strip of non-hair where my arm regularly rubs my body as I walk…the rest would require shaving.

Multitouch would be out of the question. And you will need to operate with only 1 hand by design anyhow. Black would only be available when in a very dark room. It is POSSIBLE that they can get the projector bright enough to be visible on arm while out in full sunlight, but this would dramatically reduce battery life.

You are putting a projector and a camera in there, and a battery, and whatever computing power and memory you will have access to. Computing power and memory seem the obvious choices in where to slack off.

You couldn’t do an actual PHONE in there, as that would require speaker and microphone. I would assume they plan to have a transmitter/receiver in there so you can get internet.

Things I use my phone for… mostly games, those all need two hands, and absolutely multi-touch (well, some don’t. But most of the interesting ones capable of being consumed in small chunks do). Internet, for that I need to be able to read the writing, clearly see the graphics, and have things load fast. Sub-listed with internet would be watching videos. For that I want crisp colors, and ideally a decent screen size.

So… every use case I can think of… I see problems here. And I would STILL need to have a phone of course…

Maybe they are going the smartwatch approach, and they will leave all processing and memory on your phone, and this will just mimic the display from phone to arm. Not having to pull your phone from your pocket IS great. This would be a significant step up from a smartwatch. But in every case except just reading notifications… I would prefer to pull out my phone and work with full multi-touch.

Anyway… all of these “Will it be worth it?” are worth quite a bit more than $50. That is a pretty sad discount to be offering for the people going WAY out on a limb to help develop this.