Altar ornament again

Two years ago, it was my aunt and uncle’s church that got the focus and turned into a 3d ornament.

This year I turned my focus to my parents’ parish, The Newman Center of the Ohio State University.

For reference, here is their altar:

And here is the ornament:

As usual, the stained glass is PETG plastic with stained glass paint, then etched away by laser. The other materials are all baltic birch, the white is acrylic paint and the others are various stains and wood dye.

If anyone is from Columbus and would want the file, I could finalize and put up here.


Beautifuly done.

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Very well done. So colorful!

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Well done. Takes me back to my altar boy days…in Latin. (Shudder).


It’s wonderful! I love the way you did the stained glass—a perfect replica of the original.

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That is lovely!

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Looks incredible!

Looks terrific! Nice job!