Alternative Filter Replacement for GF air filter

Anyone looked at this as a potential slightly cheaper replacement filter? Looks similar.

Beamo Filter

@$200 it is not cheaper enough to risk the issues unless you have assurances for size and CFM as it would be worthless if it did not fit or had too low a CFM.

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True that is why I was curious if anyone had pulled that trigger.


You could be the other folks risk-taker and report back :slightly_smiling_face:
If you measured all the relevant details for size and called them to find if it fits, It would not be totally surprising if they copied what Glowforge did.

That’s what I did, materials cost me $100

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I don’t have any equipment to measure smoke density, etc, and I was sloppy I am sure there are a lot of air gaps / leaks, but I did an unscientific ‘sniff’ test, burned some wood and smelled for smoke in the exhaust, there was none. maybe a smoke detector would be a better test