Alternative Options for Deleting or selecting Artwork on the GFUI board

Are there any plans to provide additional ways to delete uploaded artworks in a design?

I ask this because I ran into an issue today when setting up a jig to allow placement of multiple leather coasters for engraving. In doing so, I uploaded a design and cut out the jig but found the hole to be about a hundredth of an inch to small. So I created a new vector cut line and moved it on top of my previous upload to ensure proper placement and made the new cut. This required me to recenter my art work but I seem to be unable to select my original upload to move it without first moving the new vector cut. This creates a problem because by doing so I will no longer be able to line up the artwork of my template properly.

Perhaps I am missing a keyboard shortcut that lets me select an object underneath but the option to delete an artwork using the artwork list on the left side of the screen would make things very easy. It would also be beneficial for moving layers “underneath” or “inside” a larger artwork. Of course, if I am missing a feature already present please let me know.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you set your old art work to ignore? It’s not as clean as deleting the old art, but it will prevent it from being cut.

Yes. And that is what I did for the time being. But seeing as I am using the file as a template, it will get a bit difficult once I have multiple designs stacked on top of each other should I forget to move the previously positioned file before I upload and place the next one. Not to mention, I will always have the trash file in the way.

I’m sorry you ran into trouble, @gethammboned. Thanks for sharing your feedback and suggestions. I’ll make sure the team gets them.