Alternative to Pass Through to print on larger stock

Ok after trying to work on my issue with Glowforge I am searching for other options to be able to print on larger stock. Currently the print takes 3 movements/printings to complete on the stock. I have hit and miss success with using the Glowforge application for pass through but it fails and then I waste the material an a TON of time.

The print has multiple actvities between cuts and scores that cross through each movement. Any suggestions, I have tried to line it up but it never is right. Have people just cut the files into 3 sections and put a mark in the glowforge that they line up to and slide it through the passthrough? Struggling and Glowforge just puts the blame on my network, but I have never had any network issues and it isnt consistant.

I use a system that I did before there was pass-through. I break the design into ~10" pieces so they break at specific locations that are 90 degrees or do not connect where (unlike regular passthrough) they don’t have to be in the same line.

Then I line up the material against the right-hand rail so that holds the horizontal and the rotation fixed. Then at each cut, you have only the vertical to worry about. If you keep to the right-hand rail and only use the vertical arrow keys to move the design, the vertical is all you change.

Done this way I have more flexibility as a one mm error will not show as it will if the line is other than vertical or the break is unnecessary as it frequently is the case.


Similar to above, use some method to maintain vertical alignment, then break the design into segments that use alignment marks level with the bottom edge of each segment. Stack them in the file so you can process each segment separately, and use tape or similar to mark on the bed or rails where each line is after it completes. Line up the material with the marks, and process the next stage.

I’ve never had to do this since automatic passthru alignment became a feature, but that’s how I used to do it “back in the day” before it was.


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