Altoids update

So I figured out a couple things that I was doing wrong and that we’re actually making things more difficult and time consuming for me :crazy_face:
I waaaaay upped the speed and lowered the power a by a lot.
Also, turns out putting the tape barrier on top was completely unnecessary and also just left sticky residue on the tin :woman_facepalming:t2:
Maybe I should have researched a bit more into engraving this sort of thing, instead of just starting entirely from scratch… haha!


Experience is the best teacher. You have absolutely learned lots more than just what is obvious in this project. Going forward, you will invest time researching the forum and perfecting your material tests so that you have more time for creating and less time wondering what went wrong.


Your lpi was 450, right? For most things that might be a bit high, if you dropped it to 340 it’ll speed things up a lot and might get good results. Testing is a drag but it does pay off.


That’s beautiful!

And you share with us! Thank you.

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I went looking for a supplier for these kind of tins, and now I am lost in the rabbit hole of candle tins, tin jars and tin boxes. I am not going to be able to resist buying some of these.


I really like this and if you’ve got the right market I think could sell really well.

I’m a little cautious - it looks like a lot of other tin products and I’m not sure if a good profit can be maintained on them.

If you can find the right niche - could be a killer product,

Beautiful job! Your take on using the tarot designs is really cool. I bought some of these as a gift boxing option for my handmade jewelry designs a few weeks ago but I’m still fiddling with settings. I love how they matched the matte black aesthetic of my packaging and biz cards.

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