AlumaMark Plates


Have a customer that was looking for small plates to install on the superchargers that he installs at his shop. Was looking to use Laserbond100 but found these AlumaMark 3x1 plates. These are pre-treated so that when you etch with the laser, black stands out. Did 600 speed, Full Power, 340 LPI for the engraving, and 500 speed on the scoring. I may tweak the speed some more on the scoring due to some little squiggles.

Overall, happy how they turned out. FYI, AlumaMark only works on 1 side (the one with the plastic protector that you peel off before etching)


I really like the Alumamark materials. They’re so much easier than Cermark; although, Cermark obviously can be used on more material where Alumamark may not be available.

Your plates look good.


Thank you very much. I have the spray so when the time comes, i’ll give it a shot but i’ll push the Alumamark stuff all i can for the connivence haha


Nice and crisp results! :slightly_smiling_face:


Ooooooo, a new material I never heard of! Always fun to hear about new stuff.


Well worth checking out. Literally place it down, zap it, and done :smiley:


They’ll send you some free samples to try out.


Very crisp! And how nice you know someone that installs SuperChargers :grinning:


Sharp! Those make nice trophy name plates.


They look really nice. Will keep them in mind.


Ordering or even finding the price for alumamark is a bit of a bear. Is there any site better than ? not really consumer friendly.

Also, durablack looks ridiculously cool.


I purchase all of my Alumamark from Johnson Plastics.



I got mine from Johnson Plastics as well.

That Durablack stuff looks awesome too