Am I crazy?


I thought Glowforge never was on Kickstarter? I could have sworn it was their own crowdfunding page? All these personal accounts of finding it on Kickstarter in the $20 credit marketing thread are confusing to me.

Maybe people are kleenexing it or misremembering, but they are all ‘I found it while I was browsing kickstarter…’. Maybe I’m misinformed?


Kleenexing is accurate.


Dan is an active Kickstarter supporter, gave a talk at Kickstarter HQ (on an old video game IIRC) and crowdfunded Robot Turtles on Kickstarter, so perhaps people are talking about how they heard of it on Kickstarter (thread or post or something).

But you are correct. GlowForge did the crowdfunding thing on its own.


Ah, right, robot turtles would be one way. Glad to know I’m not hallucinating. Sorry to hear other people seem to be :wink:


Kleenexing? Never heard that term before (looked it up, learned something new). Mandela Effect?


Mandela Effect? Never heard that term before (looked it up, learned something new). Feels like Eternal September sometimes.

Lessons for the Glowforge team about the forum

I think it’s more Berenstein Bears than Kleenex.

I love Kickstarter and have done lots of things with them, but not Glowforge.


That’s amazing because I could have sworn I crowdfunded on Kickstarter! Was it because I was a robot turtles fan??


Likely so - and thank you for that :slight_smile:


To be fair… Berenstain just looks wrong. I would have bet my Glowforge that it was “-ein”. I’m glad no one challenged me on it, because I do NOT want to have to give my GF to some smug person.


So I googled kleenexing, still don’t have an official definition, but this thread was the sixth match. That’s impressive Google - you indexed it in less than an hour and put it in the top ten of over 18k results. But try searching for something that is popular-adjacent and it may as well not exist. end rant.

Back on topic, initially I thought this must be another example of human memory works (or doesn’t), but then with so many mentions I just figured Kickstarter must allow links or some kind of crowd-funding news page. With Dan’s statement, I’m back to the how memory works theory.


I just meant “substituting a brand name for a generic term long enough that it turns into a generic term”. As in “Kleenex” instead of “facial tissue”. It may be a pretty American term, and we’re all international in here so maybe I should have been more inclusive.


Kleenex, Jello, Band-aid… all brand names that became common for the item, not the brand so much.