Am I going crazy? Is it just me?!?

:rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

When the GF timers runs down, does anyone else get nervous that the design will not cut in the remaining time? 2 minutes to go and there is a bunch of stuff to cut. :rofl:

I know it is stupid她f course it is存tillllll 2 mins remaining and I am sweating bullets. It cant just be me :rofl: :rofl:


Ive moved this to Everything Else, since Made on a Glowforge is for posting photos and processes of things weve made. :slight_smile:


When that happens youll find me standing directly over the machine staring intently at every motion :stuck_out_tongue:

Erich hasnt failed me yet - youd think Id get over it :smiley:



I have noticed a few times where the countdown timer on the pc has reached 0 but toadkiller (my lasers name) is still busy cutting away.


I have found different browsers / devices allow GFUI to keep a more consistent connection. e.g., on my iPad, I frequently see the machine and GFUI out of sync, especially so if I pause on the machine, where as on my Macbook Pro, in Chrome, things always seem to stay nicely in sync.

Probably depends a bit on wifi connection too.


:woozy_face: Almost every time!

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Its possible for the browser to miss the pause status sent from machine > cloud > browser, in which it will keep counting down and be out of sync.

The actual countdown is derived from the motion plan itself rather than just an estimate.

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Yup. Swear every time its not going to make it in time and lo and behold it does. :rofl: :rofl:

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:laughing: yes it does make it in time.

Yes! I always think theres no way.
I always try to guess how long it will take too before the time shows up on the screen.

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