Am I Missing Something in the App


So we are busy forging away! Really like the results that we are getting. We work primarily in leather and will post some pictures soon of our first successes. In the meantime I am wondering if we are missing something. In the app there seems to be no way to do two things that I feel are pretty critical:

  1. Save the project I am working on. I would think saving the current workspace along with any images I have uploaded to that workspace and their corresponding settings (engrave, cut, score, speed and power settings) would be a built in. Is that feature coming down the pipeline yet or am I missing something?

  2. Being able to rotate an image once it is placed on the bed. I can enlarge it, shrink it, move it, but I have tried a bunch of short cuts (ctl, alt, shift) and nothing seems to let me rotate. Rotation is key for me being able to get the most out of my material and something I am hoping to do with the glowforge…quite surprised it’s not capable of that to be honest…but again, perhaps I am missing something. Is this coming down the pipeline or am I missing something, or am I SOL?


Both of those suggestions are items in the hopper. They just haven’t gotten to the hopper items yet. :slightly_smiling_face:



Thanks for the reply…I looked on the forum for those feature requests…but didn’t see anything. Can you point me to where feature requests are being made and I’ll avoid double posting stuff! :wink:


Oh, they are scattered all over the forum, over the last couple of years. It’s okay to post them here, it’s where they belong so that support can see them. Just wanted to let you know that they’re in there (and some might be under development). :slightly_smiling_face:


that makes sense. I was looking through the “feature requests” that were locked and stickied to the top but didn’t see them in there. Thanks for letting me know!


My pleasure! I always thought it was kind of fun when a new abillity popped up, (it’s like finding an Easter Egg), but they’ve started announcing them since the Production units have started going out. :grinning:


You can rotate some objects (vectors) but not others (rasters). When you can rotate you’ll see a lollipop shape on the top center of the blue bounding box that shows up when you click on an item. Just grab the top circle and move the mouse to rotate the object. If you click on it, hold the mouse button down and then hold down the shift key, when you do move the mouse it will rotate in 45 degree increments.


Hmmm. I have been working with vectors the whole time and haven’t seen it but I’ll look to the top of the image now. Hope it works that would be fantastic!


Here’s a screenshot.

It’s on a stalk so oftentimes that’s way up at the top and potentially out of view unless you’re zoomed out.


I see it when I use GF images in the shop. I don’t see it when I upload SVG images I create (out of bitmaps). Hopefully rotation will be available for images that were originally bitmaps!


I was not working with vectors…I was working with svg files that were made form jpgs


Eventually, yes, but for now they only rotate vectors.


Great suggestions - both things in the hopper for later! Can’t wait to see your first projects.


If your SVGs contain bitmaps, they can’t be rotated. If it is a completely vector SVG, it will rotate.