Amazing use of paper and light

Has anyone else seen these?? They are amazing


Those are great!

There was an artist at the Bay Area Maker Faire with similar things done in metal. Hers were all more abstract though. These… very nice.

OoooOoOooo!! (imagination working furiously)

I watched the video… Some of those pieces are massive!! :astonished: Makes the xacto work easier, I guess…

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That site really sparks my imagination. Thanks for sharing.

We need to have a diorama-rama contest after shipping!


Paper being translucent to light, lit from behind each layer filters more of the light and gives that darkening effect to accentuate depth very nicely!

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Would look good if you placed a row of LED’s under the layers, and use different colors of acrylic as spacers between the paper layers. If that makes any sense.

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Bruh, so many ideas that this gives me. Much appreciate

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a Friend of mine make Horror movie shadow boxes. I don’t think he uses lights yet.

Ive seen the same idea out of a mcdonalds bag.
google “mcdonalds bag art”, you’ll know when you see it amongst all the things.

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or perhaps use transparent plexiglass

I think custom luminary bags will be just perfect. This is a good link.


Wow. This is so excellent!
Thanks for sharing

It was surprising to see that the Monster in the city one was actually 5-6 feet tall. Looking at just the pictures I had thought they were all wall art. Hurry GF… come to Tucson

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Similar but in altoid size tins Very kewl.

Or other art here

Amazing work !!


Those are great!

It is refreshing to try to look at what isn’t there, as opposed to what is.
Negative space is powerfully powerful.

they make me think about some other paper-carving artists, playing with removal.
Sorry if this has been linked before. Sorry if taking a knife to a bound book offends anyone.