Amber light and stuck on focusing after every 2 cuts

is being working great but all of the sudden this past couple of days I started getting stuck on focusing after every other print, I have to turn it off and turn it back on and now I get the Amber light and the printer stops.

I checked all the cables, clean the lens etc and still having this issue.

I need help!!!

Do you get the “cooling down” message when it stops? Are you certain that the white cable is securely snapped in?

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No I don’t , I get this message and the button stays Amber solid until I power off and power back

I’m getting the same error message.

You will need to open your own support ticket by starting your own thread in the Problems and Support category. Glowforge support limits their attention to one machine per post.

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Hi @chano25. I’m sorry to hear that you’re running into some trouble with Glowforge as you try to continue printing. I received your email, and just sent a response with next troubleshooting steps. To avoid any confusion with multiple threads for this issue, I am going to close this Community thread. I’ll look forward to your email response to help you get this resolved.

@fountaincitywoodshop. i want to make you get any troubleshooting needed to address your Glowforge as well. Please create a new thread, or write us through email at we’ll gladly work with you to resolve any printer trouble as well.

Thank you!