Amber light and tiny bubbles?


Ok, I cant tell if they are tiny bubbles or particles but does anybody see those when their forge is going? I guess it is the cooling liquid around the beam area.
I already sent off a ticket since I did the standard off and on stuff and hoping it just needs to settle or something but I don’t remember seeing moving particle bits on the other one but I do wear glasses so maybe I just missed it before :nerd_face:

Here is to hoping it isn’t something bad.


I’m not sure if amber light has multiple meanings, but my experience has been that the ambient temperature is too high. What’s the app say?


The ole needs calibration. Whole heaps of calibration.


The what?


Sorry, country slang speak like saying ‘The ole west’ instead of old. The standard needs calibration message.


Did you turn it off, move the head under the lid camera and turn it back on?


It moved itself there to start with. I can even refresh the bed image and the printer head fills the screen.
One thing it does do when I turn it on is make 3 clicks of what may be the stepper motors then 3 more.
So odd.


Ha! I thought OLE had some other meaning than Object Linking and Embedding that I was unaware of! That’s the Net Admin in me.

So! I agree with @jamesdhatch. Turn the unit off. If, as you say, it already moved to the center on its own, I’d say gently slide it to the top position like you were probably instructed to do in the documentation. Then turn it back on again and see what happens.


Yeah I originally had it in the top right like the directions said and it moved to be under the camera by itself after a couple off/on. I just did it again and it moved down to be even with the camera and about 6 inches to the right as it stops then turns amber.

Since it is bed time I guess I will find out tomorrow what support says and what my fate is.


And the app’s still saying it needs calibration? If yes, it sounds like there’s an issue and you’ll want to see what Support has to say about it.


The amber light means “Check the UI for information”.



We should probably have a status indicator sticky.


Do the bubbles look frothy? There might be an air leak in the coolant system that is allowing air to be sucked in. I would suggest taking pictures of the laser tube and sending them to support. I would also not cut anything until you hear back from support. Sorry it is happening to you. :disappointed_relieved:


The only air in the tube was present first time it was turned on, and was purged within minutes. Not a hint since, so I agree with David. Support staff would appreciate pictures.


and ideally a notification or text.


Still waiting on support email but I turned it on hoping the tech gods fixed it magically in the night but still made the clicking sounds, head moved a bit, then the amber light. Checked UI and calibration still.
The bubbles though seem to be gone, there was only like 3 of them so I think I can chalk them up to agitation in the lines.

Back to waiting what they say. I should never have said if the second one is broken maybe they would just drive one over from Seattle so I can meet one or two of them. I am just 4 and a half hours away Dan :smiley:


Just want to confirm… Did you get the auto-reply that your request was received? Did you hear anything from an actual live person yet?


Yeah I got the auto reply. No live person yet on this issue of this forge.
Least I am patient. Near saintly levels of patience :angel:


Okay. As long as you got the auto-reply. Just want to make sure they actually have it is all.

Looking forward to hearing how they fix it!


I’ve been wondering if emails to support should somehow be categorized by subject line or sent to different addresses.

For example: I regularly send reports to support on Pre-Release operations and issues. But it is to the same email address that John Doe might complain about their place in line or a Production user receiving a broken machine. Obviously the broken machine should take precedence. The emails have to be Triaged and if the title is not clear may not receive the appropriate attention. Try doing that for hundreds of Support emails.

I’ve been guilty of sending unclear subject lines. Something like Report #23 for “Blue is a bad GUI color” or Report #24 for the machine has a yellow light and won’t turn on, “Help”. It might be useful to Support if they provided us some guidelines. The time between the email and response has grown a little and is likely to get very long if everything is in the same basket.