Amber light on Glowforge startup

Hey Folks, hoping for some help here. I recently upgraded to Glowforge premium (I’ve had and used this machine for ~4 years–pretty well versed in how it works and of course have tried all the basic troubleshooting) and immediately after my Glowforge pro started showing an amber light upon startup. I haven’t been able to clear it or get it to do anything! I’ve restarted, made sure wifi was connecting and talking with my computer, I’ve cleaned the whole machine and cleaned connections and ensured everything was in working order and making good electrical (or otherwise) connections.

Really upset as this is affecting my business and I’ve had to table many projects with no answers for my customers! I’ve submitted support tickets over the past week and have heard absolutely nothing back yet. Anyone find anything to fix the amber light of death?

Is the inside of your machine within these temperature parameters:

The Glowforge Basic is designed for use between 60 degrees Fahrenheit (16 Celsius) and 75°F (24°C). The Pro has an expanded operating range up to 81°F (27°C).


Premium has nothing to do with it, it just gives access to a handful of additional semi-useful features like clip art and text.

An amber button is indicative of a hardware failure, either an over/under temp issue as mentioned above, or failed hardware or connection of some type.

Opening multiple support tickets will just slow things down. Count on several business days to get a response back by email.


Oh jeez, wish I would have thought about that before starting a business in the sahara desert…

thank you so much for reply, very helpful.

Also check the connections to the head—white cable, head to carriage plate. Those being loose, etc. can also throw a yellow light.


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