Amount of materials needed for Design Catalog Projects

I’m reposting this here as it was suggested I do so by another member.

I recently bought the leather wallet design from the design catalog. On the product page all it says is that you need medium PG leather. I just popped in one of the PG leather pieces which came with the materials we received with our units. It is looking to me like I’ll need at least 4 pieces of the 5x10 leather to complete the project. I’m a bit dissapointed, I probably would not have purchased this design, let alone at the lifetime use price, if I’d known exactly how much material I would need for it. I guess I could have sat down and worked out the math including all of the layers, I did not do that.

If the design catalog projects are supposed to work hand in hand with the proofgrade materials, I don’t think it is too much to ask for the number of sheets needed to be listed. That way we can make educated decisions about our purchases.

I did just notice that you can purchase larger sheets of the leather, I just hope in the future this info will be included on product pages.


I so much agree with you… This must be a priority for the catalog. I remember seeing somewhere in the glowforge website how much it would take to make a leather briefcase for example. It wasn’t much, as far as I remember…

Thanks so much for your feedback! I’ve passed your suggestion on to the team.