An acrylic “uffda” for my Minnesotan bride

I made my wife a little something to go on her keychain to remind her of her Minnesota heritage. I made it out of two layers of red acrylic and one clear layer.

…and in case you wondered about the spelling, according to Wikipedia, it can be spelled many different ways. Since it’s for my wife, she gets to decide which spelling to use. 25 years of marriage has taught me at least a couple of things… :wink:

From Wikipedia:

“Uff da (sometimes also spelled huffda, uff-da, uffda, uff-dah, oofda, ufda, ufdah, oofta, or uf daa) is an exclamation or interjection expressing bafflement, surprise, or dismay.”


Happy wife- Happy life


How thick was the acrylic? I’ve tried keyfob type items and its a very harsh existence for a material that tends to be fairly brittle.

Don’t remember the measurements. It’s :proofgrade: medium acrylic. I suspect that ring won’t last very long, but fortunately this entire project took less than 30 minutes including design, cutting and assembly - so my next iteration will be stronger.


Stick it in a 170F oven for an hour or so after lasering so it anneals and releases the stresses that otherwise will result in cracking and crazing.

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I’ll give it try as soon as my GF gets here next week.


Cool dangle! (And a new word!) :smile: