An August Update in the hopper?

So any bets on when and what the August update will be forthcoming and include?

I am thinking more delay.

I just want it to arrive right at the end of Field Hockey Season. Late October.

I think my Pro model misses me.


I could really use my pro right now. I hope the wait isn’t too long.
The company I am working for ask me if I received my laser yet. They just paid another company $3000 to laser label some tags. They said they have four more orders of that size and they will supply the materials.
Could buy several more forges with that cash, that is if I could get them.
I may just have to buy an Epilogue laser now.


Man passing up that coin has to HURT!!!

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I’d buy a used Epilog now, do the project to pay for it and have 2 when the GF arrives. Use the Epilog going forward for high-volume work and the GF for smaller, faster, easier to do jobs.


Or lease one until your GF arrives…


100% thinking the same thing. i’d get a small epilog or similar that can use a rotary attachment so that it’s a complement to the other laser.


@jamesdhatch, @ca_worth, I just got off the phone with the Epilogue people in Kent, WA. They do not have any used lasers.
I may have to buy a new one, if I can just get a few more projects lined up.


Yes, if there is any volume lined up, a production laser would be an excellent idea

They don’t but lots of people sell. Do a Craigslist search - try one of the apps that will check all over the country. Also check eBay but be aware there are a bazillion “Epilog like” ones that may show up.

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Here’s a quick go at a Seattle area search.


I was hoping today, I was hoping for Halloween myself. Have some projects ready to go for that Holiday. I still think they can make it, but the lack of any pros being delivered breeds anxiety