An inexpensive Glowforge stand

Yet another stand, but this one has a twist !!!

An inexpensive glowforge stand


Excellent job. I’ve used the half-height but all the shelves trick for garage stuff. Let’s you use what might end up as a lot of wasted vertical space. For the GF that would make for a ton of good flat stock storage without making you stack the stuff 50 tall :slightly_smiling_face:

If it was a Pro you would definitely be wanting the wheels but closer look I see it is a basic but yes a series of 24 inch shelves an inch or two apart to hold your 20 " materials and a big box for usable scrap would be a good thought.

I used the half height for both a workbench and badly needed under table material storage. I was thinking when I was putting it together though, that it would make a pretty decent tabletop for the Glowforge and should be stable enough with its widely distributed weight.

Either way, it makes excellent material and flat box storage and being able to use them half-height/horizontally makes them very useable.

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I just feel wateful not using the extra poles :slightly_smiling_face:

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