...and now for something completely different, but seriously Wowzer!


While we enjoy the anticipation of the coming of the Glowforge, this to make us stop and think:



I think there is a world market for maybe five quantum computers…


Good one.




I imagine my skepticism is much like the people who looked at the first IBM computers and said, “how could that ever be useful!” :smile: It will be interesting to see if and how research into quantum computing actually plays out.

On the other hand, imagine the AI you could develop for gaming!


Dark and perfect sims from “perfect dark” on the N64 always kicked my butt, and that probably had less computing power then my phone. So I wouldn’t want to challenge a quantum powered opponent…


My mom visited “the computer” (which must have been IBM’s SSEC) while in high school (or maybe grade school) in NYC.
Her major take away memory …vacuum tubes. So many vacuum tubes.


I think I’ll just wait for the iQuantum


640k qbits ought to be enough for anybody…


In 1965, facing UK Army demob, (I’m ex Royal Signals Electronics Tech) and being offered a course to get back into civvy street, I asked about computer maintenance/servicing.
“No courses on that - no demand. After all, with women who can type and do filing, what need will there ever be for computers in business ?”

Ho hum.


The Frantics are a very Canadian , much forgotten Canadian comedy troupe. They are what kids in the hall would of maybe been if they existed 15 years earlier.

Look up Mr canoehead…


Watch AI play the game :slight_smile:


I remember typing in the codes from Compute! Magazine each month so I could enjoy the latest game on my Commodore 64. I have a hard time trying to wrap my mind around the 2 terabyte external drive sitting on the floor mocking me like that. (And it was a black Friday purchase!) Now I face a new milestone. Curse you computer Nerds! Ha


Mine was an Atari, but oh yes…the HOURS spent typing in those programs when a new magazine arrived! :grinning:


Went into Walmart to get a usb stick.
“Have you got a 1gb stick ?”
"No, we don’t have anything that small. Will 16Gb be OK?“
"My first computer had a total memory of 1Kb"
"What’s 1K ?”


The problem is quantum computers are only faster than traditional computers for specific types of problems, and those are not normally the reason a consumer would purchase one. It’s not going to make your power point faster, or your youtube videos.


I’m looking forward to seeing qClippy!


LOL. Here you go:


I wish they brought him back.

Actually, wait , no, never mind, may he burn in hell.