And the hits, or lack thereof, keep coming

I’m up to episode 3. This time, I hit on Ebony. Never played with such a hard wood before.

Will it Forge? Episode 3

Only thing I can give you on settings so far is that 50 on power is cool, 75 scorches. 75-100 on engraves can make a slowly burning ember.


Oh good! I haven’t tried any of that yet! :grinning:
(These are very handy!)

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Got anything you’d like to see me test?

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Well, there are a couple of things that could stand to be tightened down again…I did some early work with egg shells. I’d be interested to see how they do now that they’ve changed the Power structure.

But first you have to blow an egg. (No jokes please!) :smile:

And you could show your technique for the gemstones. (What are those? Agate?)


I was planning to do agate, soon.

Never tried eggshell.

Diamond. I hear diamonds are laser engraved with serial numbers partly to help identify conflict-free origins.

The GF should be able to do that right? The GF has infinite precision, scary levels of power, and of course the wavelength is just about 10 times longer than that normally used, so it must work 10 times better.


Ohh, I was looking at a website this morning…latex rubber sheeting. (Just thinking of all the things we probably need to round up settings for. You know why.)

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LOL! I know diamond is fiber laser range, but I do have a few surprises to test later on when the channel is a little bigger.


Agate us pretty fun, and not very hard.


I’ve done dozens of agate pendants. I even had a piece and a graphic picked out for the video.

Again folks, no jokes please.

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Those don’t even look real!


i can assure you, they are real. I’ve done a number, myself.

Oh, I believe you. I just think they really pop.

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Those look fantastic. Been wanting to do some myself but I’d love to find a good source that wasn’t to pricey, perhaps get a quantity price?

GemMartUSA - One of my suppliers. - If they have it, I don’t look elsewhere.

JewelersParadise - Another Supplier


Thanks for the links, I’ve bookmarked and I’ll take a look.