And tonight we "squeeeeeee"! 😊


Finally…after two excruciatingly long years…season 4 of BBC’s “Sherlock” airs on Masterpiece Theater tonight. 8:00 pm CST. :blush:

Any other fans of the show…this is it! Three episodes and then we wait another two or three years (or forever :disappointed:) for intelligent entertainment.

If you’ve never seen it - get the DVDs…it’s one of the most cleverly converted and acted shows I’ve ever seen. But you have to watch it from the beginning, because they pull some very amusing insider “stuff” with it, and watching the characters change and grow through the seasons is one of the best parts. (This group would probably love it, especially if you enjoy the books.)

Okay, enough fan-girling…chuckle! :relaxed:


I saw it once and liked it. Is this the one that has something like 90 minute episodes? - Rich


Yep! Three 90 minute episodes per season. It’s more of a mini-series I guess. :relaxed:


9:00 PST on antenna channel 9.1 in the Seattle area. My daughter, wife, and I will be tuning in!


Awesome! (I’ll have the popcorn ready!) :smile:


Oh boy you really had me there for a minute – I read the title and thought “Jules got the email and is getting a pre-release :glowforge:!” lol


Oh not nearly as good as that! (But we take our squeeee where we can find it.) :smile:


Thanks for the reminder. We love it. Re-watched the last season over the last couple weeks to ramp us up for it.


I would have done that too if I had realized that it was airing tonight…i almost missed it. :fearful:
(Which just goes to show how tied up in the forum I’ve gotten lately.)


Yes me likey very much😍


My wife just introduced this to me a week ago – totally hooked and working our way up to date :slight_smile:


We just finished Season 4 (the final season​:pensive:) of Rectify last night. You want intelligent and thoughtfully written characters! I can’t recommend this series highly enough. :+1:t2::+1:t2::+1:t2:


I’ll give it a try…desperate for quality programming in between seasons of Sherlock. :relaxed:


I was a total Sherlock Holmes nerd growing up. I read and reread every story and wished there were more. When I saw the first Sherlock episode a few years ago I was so happy with the way they did it. Brilliant, really, to modernize all the aspects of the stories but still keep the original personalities. Loved it.


it’s on NETFLIX too, if someone needs to watch the last three seasons.
watched the new episode on BBC and it was good :wink:


When did they come out? Are all three done in GB?

(Oh, sorry…i was thinking of season 4)


well i’m in austria and watched everything via satelite and then again on the »austrian edition« of netflix.


and it is season 4 already (well after a loooong wait — sounds familiar doesn’t it :smile:)


Hasn’t the main actor been busy doing full length movies?


Doctor Strange I presume. :sunglasses: